Fantastic Friday


Wow, today really is a Fantastic Friday! I was just recently nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award by the author of, Hangin’ Out With God, Happy Patriot, and Sandra Conner…Buy the Book.

I first came upon Sandra Conner’s blog while I was searching for poetry blogs, and I’m glad I did. Not only does she have some good poetry herself, she also was kind enough to let me know about another blog she enjoys that has poetry. This was especially great since, as a beginner, I didn’t know anybody. I am pleasantly surprised and honored that I was nominated for this award, and I hope I can continuously live up to it.

As per the rules, I will list 7 random things about myself.

I have 7 dogs, with all their names starting with an ‘M’.

I have one cat, named Cat.

I went to an Argentina University for a semester to start learning Spanish.

I enjoy drawing and painting.

I married at 20.

I bought my first house at 22.

I am currently undecided on if I want to have kids in the future.

One of the other rules says that I should choose 15 other bloggers to nominate, but since I am really just starting out my blog I do not have anywhere close to that amount of contacts.

Even though I do not have 15 people to nominate, I do have some poetry blogs that I have started reading, that are interesting.  So, the ones that I nominate are

Plastic Bag Poetry– I really enjoyed this poem

Drift of Bubbles– I really enjoyed this poem

Live4Life201-I enjoyed this poem

By Heavens Light– I enjoyed this poem

Mademmosiellebluebell– I enjoyed this poem.

Oh, and I almost forgot, one poem of Sandra’s that I really like is titled Love’s Freedom.

The rules for this nomination are listed on this website.


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